Boxbreakers Hobby FB Group Break - August - COMPLETE


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Just a few payments to go so boxes have been ordered. Looking at a break either Thursday night or Saturday during the day as I have my FFB draft Friday. I'll let you know as soon as I know. We can start the draft as soon as I get those last payments in.


3 (100%)
Sorry for the delay but we're good to start the draft. The list has been randomized and we can begin picking. Proxy lists are welcome! Still hoping for a potential break tomorrow night if we wrap the draft and the cards arrive on time;

On the clock: Gottabe
On-deck: Crpalmi

Draft Order;
1. Cardsick45 - Vikings
2. Sportscloset12 - Seahawks
3. Gottabe
4. Crpalmi
5. Yzerisdaman
6. Schickfaced
7. Sportscloset12
8. Rabs

Available Teams;
Atlanta Falcons -
Miami Dolphins -
Oakland Raiders -
St. Louis Rams -
San Diego Chargers -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
Tennessee Titans -
Washington Redskins -
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