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Hey guys, it's been awhile and I had intended to switch over to 2018-2019 products by now but still waiting on more releases to hit so figured I'd go for something different. Prices of both 2017 and 2018 stuff is high but there are still some decent buys on retail, and while I have never broke retail before as part of a group break, I figured lets give it a shot. I know this isn't for everyone so let me know your status and we'll go from there

Product list (subject to change)
2017 Donruss Optic 20 Box Retail Case
2018 Donruss Optic 20 Box Retail Case (2 Cases)

Payment Deadline: August 9th
Break Date: August 15th
Cost: $59 first slot/$55 each additional/$20 optional draft slots

Team List; (Bold = Paid)

Arizona Cardinals - Rareluck
Atlanta Falcons -
Ravens - Cardsick45
Buffalo Bills - Rareluck
Carolina Panthers -
Chicago Bears - Kiansdad
Cincinnati Bengals -
Cleveland Browns - Crpalmi
Dallas Cowboys - Sportscloset12
Denver Broncos - Sportscloset12
Detroit Lions - Po10sho
Green Bay Packers - Pavi39
Houston Texans - Cardsick45
Indianapolis Colts - KenGraff
Jacksonville Jaguars -
Kansas City Chiefs - Sportscloset12
Miami Dolphins -
Minnesota Vikings -

New England Patriots - Cardsick45
New Orleans Saints- KenGraff
New York Giants - Sportscloset12
New York Jets - Yzerisdaman
Oakland Raiders -
Philadelphia Eagles - Vito
Pittsburgh Steelers -
St. Louis Rams -
San Diego Chargers -

San Francisco 49ers -
Seattle Seahawks -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
Tennessee Titans -

Washington Redskins - Crpalmi

Draft Picks;


Giants - Yzerisdaman
Bears - Cardsick45
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I like the new website. I am in with only the Cowboys,Broncos,Chiefs, and Giants and 2 draft teams please? Still debating on what teams if any I will keep beyond this break, but for now. Just sticking with the ones I listed.


sorry guys. I have to step down on breaks for now.I need money for now, so every penny worth it ;)
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At this point it doesn’t look good. I’ll put the feelers out but will cancel if no adds in the next week.
At this point it doesn’t look good. I’ll put the feelers out but will cancel if no adds in the next week.
Sorry Chris, I will wait until Friday evening as that is the deadline and if nothing seems to be moving in the right direction, I will be unable to participate.


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Sorry guys, we’ll go ahead and cancel this one as there’s just not enough interest in retail.