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Still waiting on a few payments but the boxes should arrive tomorrow so I'd love to break Thursday night. If so we'll have to have a quick draft but I can't start that until I know the status on the last couple teams. Still have draft slots available as well if anyone is interested?


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Ok guys, the products have arrived so if we can do a quick draft we can break tomorrow night. I haven't heard from Deantap but pretty sure he's staying in so we'll move forward as if he is. If there is anyone that would like to be a back-up for the Titans if Deantap doesn't check-in by break time let me know. If nobody does then I'll take them. With Gottabe taking the Hawks and the extra draft sales I was able to add a box of 2016 Classics to the product list as well.

On to the draft. The list has been randomized and we can start immediately. I will welcome proxy picks if you want to send those to me so we can keep the draft moving.

On the clock: Rabs
On deck: Cardsick45

Draft Order:
1. Dvashun - Vikings
2. Crpalmi - Chargers
3. Sportscloset12 - Dolphins
4. Gottabe - Raiders
5. Rabs
6. Cardsick45
7. Dvashun
8. Sportscloset12
9. Crpalmi
10. Dvashun

Available Teams;
Arizona Cardinals -
Atlanta Falcons -
Baltimore Ravens -
Buffalo Bills -
New York Giants -
New York Jets -
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Thanks Jonathan, I'll keep you posted. Going to give Deantap till break time to check in.

Speaking of break time, if we can finish the draft in time we'll shoot for 9pm(Ct) tomorrow as I have an evemy to go to prior to that.
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I'll take the Vikings. Sorry for the delay everyone. I donated triple platelets today and it kind of wiped me out.