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Here is a list of TCZ's football player, and team, collectors. To get your name added, or removed, from this list just reply to this thread and I'll get it updated. Once updated, each reply will be removed to make it easier to keep up with who has, and hasn't, been added.

Player Collectors

Adams, Davante - @packman80
Blount, Mel - @TattedThev
Boller, Kyle - @sliqwill (super rare only)
Bryant, Dez - @Mike
Bucannon, Deone - @scottyb13
Buchanan, Buck - @TattedThev
Bush, Reggie - @pudge27t
Chamberlain, Byron - @nuhuskers
Cobb, Randall - @franklinguy52
Dryer, Fred - @TattedThev
Ekern, Carl - @TattedThev
Gore, Frank - @joemontana25
Hankerson, Leonard - @Hankerson85
Johnson, Calvin - @TattedThev
Kaepernick, Colin - @TattedThev
Lacy, Eddie - @packman80
Luck, Andrew - @James DeBusk | @SPORTSK1LLA
Manning, Eli - @pwolantern
Manning, Peyton - @James DeBusk (rookies only) | @SPORTSK1LLA
Manningham, Mario - @pwolantern
Miller, Heath - @James DeBusk
Montana, Joe - @Steve Carbajal (au/mem only)
Newton, Cam - @Amandashubby2010
Orakpo, Brian - @Rabs
Palmer, Carson - @bradkcincy
Peterson, Adrian - @sasports
Posey, Devier - @rigo tovar
Saunders, Jalen - @sasports
Selmon, Lee Roy - @TattedThev
Shaub, Matt - @rigo tovar
Taylor, Sean - @Rabs
Thomas, Derrick - @TattedThev
Thomas, Skip - @TattedThev
Weathersby, Dennis - @andy
Witten, Jason - @James DeBusk

Team Collectors

Carolina Panthers - @Amandashubby2010
Cincinnati Bengals - @Indiana Jones (current rookies only)
Dallas Cowboys - @Mike | @franklinguy52 | @cowboy2288
Detroit Lions - @Batman1641 | @natehaselby02 | @nuhuskers
Green Bay Packers - @packman80
Houston Texans - @rigo tovar
Indianapolis Colts - @SPORTSK1LLA
New York Giants - @pwolantern
Pittsburgh Steelers - @ErnDawg47 | @Cardaholics
San Diego Chargers @Batman1641 | @natehaselby02
San Francisco 49ers - @Steve Carbajal (au/mem only) | @joemontana25
St. Louis Rams - @captkirk42
Washington Redskins - @captkirk42 | @Hankerson85 | @Rabs

Auburn University - @AUTaxMan
Georgia Tech - @TattedThev
Indiana University - @TattedThev
University of Miami - @Rabs
Michigan State - @natehaselby02
Nebraska Cornhuskers - @nuhuskers
Oklahoma University - @michaelou44
Penn State University - @Cardaholics
Purdue University - @andy
University of Michigan - @pwolantern
University of Texas - @Rabs
University of Virginia - @Rabs
Virginia Tech - @James DeBusk | @Rabs
Washington State University - @scottyb13
West Virginia University - @Cardaholics
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I'll get this list updated and pruned (members recently active only) at some point this weekend. If anyone wants adjustments made, please post them here.