Mailday part 2, the "good" stuff au/gu BGS


1 (100%)

2000 Sage Cosey Coleman 250/400
2000 Topps Gold Label R Jay Soward
2000 Encore Michael Wiley
1998 Momentum Warrick Dunn Jsy
2002 Honors Marquise Walker Jsy 063/650
2002 Bowmans Best Seth Burford
2002 Bowmans Best Ken Simonton
2002 Bowmans Best Wendell Bryant
2002 Bowmans Best Jonathan Wells 258/399

1999 Edge Gary Brown
1999 Edge Dwayne Bates
2000 Score Joe Hamilton
2001 Press Pass Jesse Palmer
1999 Triumph Sedrick Irvin
2003 HIT Rashean Mathis 40/100
1994 Superior Rookies Charles Johnson 4478/5000
2002 Finest Lamar Gordon 0714/1200

2002 SPX Mike McMahon
2003 Bowmans Best Michael Haynes 135/499
2002 SP Authentic Travis Stephens 0354/1150
2004 Press Pass Jermaine Green (3)
2004 Press Pass Jason Wright
2002 Sage Cliff Russell 189/200
2004 Press Pass Keith Smith

2002 HIT Kelly Campbell
2003 Press Pass Ben Johnson
1995 Superior Pix Scotty Lewis 3192/6500
2000 Contenders Deon Mitchell
2000 Contenders Jujuan Dawson
1996 Skybox Eddie Kennison
1999 Skybox Tyrone Wheatley
2000 Bowman Curtis Keaton

1995 Signature Rookies Kordell Stewart 604/7750
2003 HIT Boss Bailey
1999 Advantage Dat Nguyen (DAMAGED)
1999 SPX Chris Claiborne
2001 Bowman Dan Morgan
2004 LCM Mirror Blue Ball/Helmet/Jsy Cedric Cobbs 42/50

2002 Bowmans Best Gold Napoleon Harris 03/99
2000 Fleer Thomas Jones
2004 Press Pass Matt Schaub (2)
1989 Upper Deck Randy Johnson BGS 9.5 (9.5/9.5/9.5/9.5)
44 Assorted Ken Griffey Jr from Steve Schwartz (???) (no scans) (NFT)

once again most of these are FT/FS...who is Steve Schwartz?...its not Scuba Steve :scratch: anyways thanks for the freebies


retired hippie
Nice haul!!

You building inventory for the Nats?

or working on a bunch of sets?

or just picking up steals when you find them?

The Mailbox must of been stuffed.


Bench Warmer
Had a brain fart, I think I know who Steve Schultz is...

Back on CP, he was an Oregon fan. I think I got a MoMo SpA from him...
Nice mailday.

I could use these 2
00 Encore Michael Wiley Auto
02 Bowman's Best Jonathan Wells (258/399) Auto

How much for both dlvd?


You call that good stuff? The Jermaine Green is nice, but other than that...