My Graphing Thread


I went for the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday, could’ve been better.

Calderon 1/2
Sefolosha 1/2
Dunleavy 1/2
Millsap 8x10 & card
Ilyasova 3/3
Howard 1/1

Maybe 10 there. Schroeder only signed for a kid. Dominique signed before I got there. As for Howard, ugh. He was running with a blue mostly. My photo would only be good with silver so got a card signed while he was at it. I was hoping to get him to switch after a bit but once people were getting to their 3rd and 4th items, he left.

Tuesday I went for the Devils, did fine.

Greene 8x10
Kinkaid on the 16/17 & 14/15 (finally)
Hall 1/2

Was late for Zajac. Schneider, Wood & Merrill were a few others to sign. Not much basketball and hockey left unfortunately.


Couple weeks ago I went after the Devils, they had an open practice.

Beau Bennett 1/1
Josefson 2/2
Added Stefan Noesen, Michael Kapla & Ben Thompson to this season’s 8x10

The next day I graphed after the Devils’ finale against the Isles.

Weight 8x10
Halak 8x10

Couple others signed but wasn’t able to get them. Halak was the last to leave. He must’ve been watching the Maple Leafs/Penguins game. Isles needed a Toronto loss to still be in the playoff race. Left around the time Toronto tied it up.

Saturday I went to a signing for Bobby Valentine. Was appearing at a Walmart promoting MLB The Show 17. Got him on an 8x10 & card. Also got him to give me a few of the promotional 8x10s to give to kids.

Today I went for the White Sox and Phillies. They were staying at the same place. Did good.

Quintana 8x10
Nola 8x10
Morandini 1/2
Abreu 8x10
Melky 8x10

Only like 4-5 of us there. Wasn’t expecting that many good players to sign. Some others to sign were Odubel, Tommy Joseph, Cesar Hernandez, Jeanmar Gomez, Tyler Saladino & Jacob May. Some to refuse: Frazier, Nate Jones, Saunders, Bowa, Samuel, Asche.


Did some graphing last week. Thursday I went to see the Cuban National Team against the Jackals. For their 2nd year, the Can-Am League played host to the Cubans again.

Added Ulfrido Garcia to Cuban 8x10 from last year
Juan Torriente 8x10
Yordanis Samon 8x10
Coach Victor Mesa 8x10
Jefferson Delgado 8x10
Dennis Laza 8x10
Victor Mesa Jr. 8x10
Yoelkis Cespedes 8x10
Yoanni Yera 8x10
Coach Rogelio Garcia on Cuban flag 8x10

Garcia is like one of the most winningest pitchers in Series history and has most Ks, pretty sweet. There were only 2 guys I wasn't able to get. I went back a couple nights later for autos I needed and pics.

Got Dachel Duquesne on the 8x10 from last year

Only 8x10 left unsigned was Yasmany Hernandez

The next morning I went after some basketball. There's a new 3 on 3 basketball league traveling city to city this summer for former players. Couldn't see everybody but did good enough for my time there.

Bonzi Wells 3/3
Jermaine O'Neal 8x10 & 2 cards
Mike James 3/3
Ruben Patterson 2/2
Childress on 12/13 Nets 8x10 & 2 cards
Reggie Evans on 12/13 Nets 8x10 & 2 cards
Kenyon 8x10 1/3
McCants 3/3
Stephen Jackson 8x10 & 2 cards
Larry Hughes 8x10
Oakley 8x10

Only players to not sign for me was Iverson & Al Harrington. Was unable to get Cuttino Mobley and others I didn't see or was late for was Bibby, Gervin, Rick Barry, Jason Williams, Abdul-Rauf, Billups, Ricky Davis, Maggette, Dr. J & Rashard Lewis. A lot of good ones to go after, as well as a couple I needed for some pieces. You guys should check it out on FS1 on Monday nights, not bad. And J-Will is already done with an injury.