Mythical Creatures of the World, card collection

Tarasca DAO

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The first game of Tarasca DAO is “Mythical Creatures of the World”, a set of collectable cards with dozens of mythological creatures from all over the world, coming from the most diverse cultures. With this collection we want to value the inexhaustible creativity of the peoples of the world, who have filled the geography of the continents with an immense variety of fantastic creatures. Knowing their mythological beings is a first step to get into their way of seeing the world, something necessary to love and care for the cultural diversity of the planet

Haechi’s card, from Korea. A legendary animal with dog body, lion head and wings. He is able to eat fire. Protects from fires and disasters and represents justice and integrity
The creatures are designed by the Galician artist Ana Santiso and accompanied by a brief description of their history and meaning in the culture of origin.
Each card has a finite and unmodifiable number of copies, some of them really scarce. In addition, they contain attributes (speed, strength, resistance, etc.) that will allow us to build a wide variety of multi-player games with them.
The cards will be sold in sealed envelopes of three random copies, and can then be bought and sold among the users in the Ardor decentralized exchange.
Collectors who manage to collect the entire collection will receive a percentage of the income generated by the sales of cards. This reward will be managed automatically by the same intelligent contract that will sell the trading cards, so that the entire process and accounting are perfectly transparent.

+INFO: @TarascaD