Trade-a-Thon - June 16 to June 30, 2013


Mr. Baseball
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After going over all of the remaining transactions it appears that we can now go ahead and congratulate Troy as our Trade-a-Thon winner! Luke was the only person who could come back and tie, but one of his open transactions is with Troy, so that would put Troy at 5 once completed.

Congratulations, Troy! Very well deserved. You'll be getting the Andy Green auto, and if you'll PM me your email address I'll get you your $25 eBay gift card too. :)

Thanks again to everyone who participated!
Thank you, it was good to see a swell of transactions during the Trade-a-Thon, but I know that we can do better in the next one!

Luke Anderson

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I happy for you troy and very glad it was you that won. How about we just keep the trading up between u and me