What should I get signed?

What should I get the Mets to sign this year?

  • Custom 8x10

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  • 50th Anniversary Ball

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I'm looking for input again. I'm planning on finally going for some Mets next week. What should I get them to sign, a custom 8x10 or buy a 50th anniversary Mets baseball? The 8x10 would be like this except with a 50th anniversary logo on the bottom right.

The baseball should cost 15-20 bucks but I would be willing to get it since it's a commemorative ball.


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As long as the ball is an Official Major League ball, I would go with that. If it is not, the autographs fade pretty fast.


Yep definitely an ROMLB. Oddly enough the only autograph I ever got that has stuck perfectly on a crap ball is the deceased Cory Lidle.


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I agree! I think the ball would look a lot better when it's being displayed.